Fire Rated Screens & Glass Doors

We offer a large selection of high quality door hardware, covering both aesthetic and security requirements.

Fire resistant systems range from 30 minutes to 120 minutes integrity and insulation adhering to BS476 Part 22.

As with all our solutions, all types of finishes can be supplied to suit all our clients needs.

Studies have shown that fitting secondary glazing can have a dramatic effect on reducing the heat transfer from a window and the following results give an indication to what can be achieved.

Applications in both standard fire screen sections and full curtain system are supplied and fully glazed all under one roof.

fire rated doors 1 0f 6 thumb
Fire rated doors 2 0f 6 thumb
Fire rated doors 3 0f 6 thumb
Fire rated doors 4 0f 6 thumb
Fire rated Doors 5 0f 6 thumb
Fire rated doors 6 0f 6 thumb

We have over 20 years experience in the commercial door and glass industry, we have vast experience in the bank and building society market where security is of paramount importance.

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