Secondary Glazing

Already a popular choice for residential and commercial secondary glazing, NDS can solve many "impossible" fenestration problems. Secondary glazing is perfect for listed building installations where thermal and noise efficiencies are required but planning regulations prevent full window replacement installation.

Heat insulation

A large proportion of heat transfer within buildings is through the primary windows. The installation of secondary glazing can reduce heat loss of up to 67%. In some cases the installation of secondary glazing is more effective than installing new, double glazed primary windows for reducing heat loss.

There is clear evidence of the impact of carbon dioxide to the environment. Significant energy wastage for heating dwellings and buildings has contributed massively to this very serious problem.

Studies have shown that fitting secondary glazing can have a dramatic effect on reducing the heat transfer from a window and the following results give an indication to what can be achieved.

Noise insulation

Noise pollution is having a major impact on the quality of life within the UK. Prolonged and excessive noise can contribute to health and psychological problems.

Studies have shown that the installation of secondary glazing fitted at least 100mm from the primary window offers the best way of reducing noise levels and out performs the installation of double glazed primary windows.

Results can further be improved by increasing glass thickness and specification.

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We have over 20 years experience in the commercial door and glass industry, we have vast experience in the bank and building society market where security is of paramount importance.

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