Replacement Glazing

Residential Double Glazing

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Failed Unit Repair & Replacement

There are a number of ways people describe failed units...

Fogged up, Foggy, Steamed up, Steamy, Misty, Misted, Cloudy, Clouded, Blown. There's bound to be others but they all mean the same.

Generally speaking it’s when the seal between the two panes of glass has broken down. Whilst there are repair methods available they are not suitable for all cases.

Once a unit is displaying signs of failure the damage may well have been done already. Calcium deposits can stain the surface of the glass if the blown unit has actual water inside.

In addition to re-sealing the unit as it was originally made would require removing from the frame and temporary glazing fitted. The unit would then need to be returned to the factory to be split down, thoroughly cleaned and re-sealed. Then returned to site to re-fit... assuming it hasn’t broken during this lengthy and risky laborious procedure.

The cost can be more than the cost of a new replacement unit, with a full guarantee and none of the hassle. There are times when this is worthwhile; if its patterned glass and is obsolete for example. Otherwise replacement is the better option.

Please send over your dimensions and quantities and please indicate what your frames are made from... ie PVCu, Aluminium, Timber. Also what floor level i.e. Ground or first floor and when the frames were fitted (if known) or whether they appear to be 10 or more years old.

Email them over, or call us for a free estimate. We can supply only or supply and fit, the choice is yours.

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Commercial Glazing Repair and Replacement

We provide a nationwide service to the public and private sectors to install, repair and maintain glazing systems and products.

Retailers, commercial building owners, facilities managers, hotel groups, and government agencies are among those that benefit from our reactive and responsive UK-wide replacement glazing service.

NDS Glazing Repair

Shop Front Glazing Repair and Replacement

NDS Ltd first attend site to secure and make safe the premises, before replacing damaged and broken glazed shop-fronts. We survey, identify and replace a wide range of specialist glass products and systems, and carry out repairs to timber, steel, aluminium framed and frameless glazing. We source, substitute or re-manufacture current and obsolete glass, glazing products, framing and mounting systems.

NDS Commercial Building Maintenance

Commercial Building Maintenance

NDS Ltd provide both reactive and planned maintenance solutions by offering repair and replacement of window systems and locks. Working in partnership with our clients, we plan a comprehensive service including full building assessment, property survey and balustrade inspections. These help our clients remain compliant with health and safety legislation and deliver a duty of care to employees, visitors and customers.

NDS High Level Working

High-level Working

NDS Ltd are fully trained and skilled in replacing high level glazing - including hard-to-reach locations, our engineers prioritise health and safety with certification to use mobile working platforms, mechanical glass handling equipment and other complex access solutions. A full risk assessment is always conducted to ensure the well-being of members of the public, building users, fellow workers and our engineers.

NDS Complex Bolted Glass Systems

Complex Bolted Glass Systems

NDS Ltd is an expert in the installation, repair and replacement of sophisticated bolted, point-fixed and bonded glass systems including balustrades. We can source the components including trays, bolts, brackets, bosses and the specified single or double glazing requirements for the most complex glazing systems and, with extensive in-house connections within Saint-Gobain, we have access to a world-wide supply network for these types of products.

NDS Specialist Curved Glass Installation and Replacement

Specialist Curved Glass Installation and Replacement

Utilising the manufacturing and supply network, we have the facilities and technical expertise to supply and install curved, toughened, laminated, heat soak tested, single and double glazed units and framing systems.

NDS  Preparation for Public Events & Protest Marches

Preparation for Public Events & Protest Marches

Protect your premises and assets from the potential for vandalism and theft during protest marches. NDS Ltd Installation's proactive service to clients provides measures to prevent damage, including boarding-up to prevent glass breakage and applying window filming to remove graffiti. Providing access to our on-call engineers and senior management during protest marches, we help businesses and public sector organisations activate the right response plan to minimise remedial work and insurance claims.

NDS Regulation 14 Compliance

Regulation 14 Compliance

Regulation 14 requires that existing glass in commercial buildings breaks in a safe way and meets EN12600 impact tests. NDS Ltd Installation helps building owners meet their legal obligations by providing a comprehensive survey service which inspects and documents every glazing element in the premises and enables any necessary upgrade work to be completed. This also allows future reactive glass repairs and replacement work to be completed quicker with minimal disruption.

We have over 20 years experience in the commercial door and glass industry, we have vast experience in the bank and building society market where security is of paramount importance.

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