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AP Doors & Toughened Assemblies

We manufacture and install glass door assemblies to suite framed or frameless installations. The assemblies can include a varied mixture of door ironmongery include patch fittings, rails, locks, handles and door openers/closers in various finishes.

The doors are generally manufactured from 12mm thick single toughened safety glass and with varying overall height and widths (please contact for advice on maximum sizes and permissible weights).

We predominantly use WSS fittings which are manufactured in Germany ensuring excellent quality but can use DORMA and CRL fittings if required. We also offer an elegant child safe door pivot finger protection system which is manufactured in house (details available on request).

We offer either manual and automatic glass doors using our "premier-swing 85" or "premier-slide 100" automatic systems.

A.P. doors and toughened glass assemblies are elegant and become a real design feature. The high quality stainless steel fittings with their single – point fixings applied directly on the toughened safety glass meet the highest requirements in terms of visual impact and workmanship. The sets are available in various, variable designs. Aside from the short – type pivot poles, they also include bottom pivot bearings and top pivot fittings with bearing pins and sockets. In order to achieve the appearance of a continuous pivot rod, the short design versions can be connected by means of an intermediate tube, which is cut to length in accordance with the height of the door leaf. The result is a glass wall that excludes the very best in transparency and expansive elegance.

NDS Glass Door Fittings Brochure

NDS Rail Brochure
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Our tailor made balustrades maximise your property's potential, revitalising tired hallways and entrance halls to unleash space, light and luxurious up to date design. Contemporary glass design solutions open up interiors adding value and style.

NDS Ltd work closely with Designers, Architects and Homeowners on refurbishments, renovations and new build to increase the value of your property with high quality glass balustrades..

Balustrade Types

The following glass balustrade fixing systems are available, each working with different situations and structures:

NDS Technicians are fully trained and experienced in architectural glass solutions and provide an all encompassing service, working with you from initial design sketches and site survey to templating and installation. Glass balustrades are manufactured to British Safety Standards and Building Regulations, providing you with a structural glass balustrade for maximum use and function.

NDS Taperloc Brochure
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Glass Canopies

Glass door canopies give distinctive style for any façade. Repelling both rain water and grime, our solutions are bound to impress you and your visitors. The new concept of glass canopies is an alliance of good old fashioned comfort and state-of-the-art building techniques, they suit any type of building: houses, entrances, shops and stores.

Glass Canopy's features include:

Please note: We do not supply and install substandard canopies you will find elsewhere on the internet, our canopy's are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and are not cheap Chinese imports and we only install toughened and toughened laminate safety glass which complies with all the associated British Standards.

NDS Glass Canopy Structural Test Report

NDS Glass Canopy System
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Frameless Shopfronts

From full height frameless shopfronts to car showrooms and commercial buildings, NDS Ltd provide a full structural glazing service including design drawings, calculations and installation by a fully qualified, experienced installation team.

Glass types include elements such as single glazed bolted glass assemblies, toughened laminated canopies, full or cantilevered glass fins and glass door assemblies (with patch fittings or rails).

We specialize in multiple unit installations in shopping centres working closely with Developers and Retail Delivery Managers to assist with logistics and program management.

Frameless shop fronts are a popular choice for offices and retailers alike. This door type is the preferred installation of choice where the image of the building and the business is incredibly important.

The most stylish looking of all the possible shop front designs is the full glass "frameless" or "all glass" toughened glass shop front. The frameless shop front is an immediately impressive invitation that encourages passing traffic to pass through your business.

The overall finish of the frameless shop front is both stylish and sophisticated. With full height glazing, a frameless full height glass door, stainless steel glass fittings and bespoke hardware, you can be confident that the entrance to your premises is inviting, exciting and innovative.

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We have over 20 years experience in the commercial door and glass industry, we have vast experience in the bank and building society market where security is of paramount importance.

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